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How Secure is My Data in Microsoft Office 365?

Presented by Antonio Maio, MVP

09/20/2016 6:00PM

When considering a cloud based service like Office 365, questions about security and trust often gets asked – questions like: Can I trust Office 365 with my company’s data?  How secure is my data in Office 365?  Organizations are often cautious when it comes to trusting cloud services with storing and providing access to corporate data. Answering those questions requires learning about the security strategy the provider has employed, and the specific controls they have put in place to protect your data.  This session will answer those questions and provide an overview of the robust set of security capabilities available in Office 365.

Breakout Sessions

Developers: SharePoint Framework Overview and Demonstration
Administrators: Best Practices – Architecting for Security


How it Works:

6:00PM – 6:30PM: Networking and Refreshments
6:30PM – 6:45PM: Announcements and Sponsor Spotlight
6:45PM – 7:45PM: Main Presentation
7:45PM – 8:15PM: IT Professional and Developer Breakout Groups
8:30PM : SharePint at The Ranch