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Upcoming Webcasts

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2/2/2016 2:00PM

Presented by K2

Previous Webcasts

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Tuesday, Sept. 22nd 2:00PM

Presented by Derek Martin

Webcast Instructions

Webcasts take place online and can be attended by anyone with a web browser and adequate Internet connection. Attendance at a User Group meeting is not required to participate in a webcast. Each webcast will feature a Platinum sponsor, who will discuss their company and the products or services they offer. Often, these presentations are educational in nature and provided additional learning opportunities but they may also consist of a product demonstration, customer testimonial or case study.

Please be aware that webcasts are designed as a marketing opportunity for our sponsors and may take the form of a sales pitch or promotion. We depend upon our sponsors for financial support but we also believe they offer unique and compelling solutions that you will find interesting – we hope that you will take time to participate in an upcoming webinar and support the greater DFW SharePoint Community.